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About SCP Awards 2024

Expanding Reach to Asia

The SCP (Social Caring Pledge) Awards, part of the Social Caring Pledge Scheme, recognize outstanding business leaders and organizations that have demonstrated remarkable performance and steadfast commitment to building successful businesses while fulfilling their social responsibilities. These individuals and entities embody the spirit of social caring as outlined in SERA’s Social Caring Pledge, which aligns with the six core principles of the UN Global Compact.

In 2023, we celebrate the 14th edition of the SCP Awards Scheme and are expanding our reach in Asia to elevate social caring awareness to new heights. This inspiring initiative not only enhances the visibility of SCP Award Winners through regional PR campaigns but also instills confidence in stakeholders by positioning awardees as leading social caring exemplars within their respective industries, as defined by the SCP Framework.

Prof. Harald zur Hausen (left), 2008 Nobel Prize Winner, as the Guest of Honor to launch the Social Caring Pledge Scheme.

The SCP Framework

The Social Caring Pledge (SCP) Framework is a proprietary model developed through years of research and real-life input from social caring business leaders and leading organizations. At its core, this framework revolves around nurturing the purpose and vision of organizations. It relies on agile and responsible leadership within all four sectors: Business, Academic, Political, and Social, while upholding the six principles of the social caring pledge. The ultimate outcome is the generation of shared value among stakeholders and the consistent delivery of impactful results in the realms of environmental, social, and governance concerns.

As the primary strategic framework that delineates the attributes of a social-caring business leader, social leader, and organization, the SCP Framework stands as a validated model for assessing the alignment of a leader and organization’s vision and purpose regarding their impact in three key areas. It also gauges their preparedness to confront both current and future challenges.



Environmental Protection


No Forced Labour



Safety and Quality




As the predominant strategic framework defining a social caring business leader, social leader and organization, the SCP Framework is a proven model for measuring the coherence of the leader and organization’s vision and purpose against the 3 impacts and readiness for current and future challenges.

The 6 Principles of the Social Caring Pledge (SCP) Framework

Undertake initiatives to promote environmental protection
Eliminate the discrimination of employment and occupation
Eliminate all forms of forced and compulsory labour
Promote community involvement and development
Work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery
Provide quality, health and safety products and/or services to customers

Award Categories


For leaders who demonstrate exceptional performance across business, academic, social and political sectors , making influential contributions to the establishment of a sustainable world.

Thematic Award


For organizations that consistently deliver tangible business results and foster social impact while remaining steadfastly aligned with the six principles of the Social Caring Pledge.

Thematic Awards

Why Participate


Your Credibility

Relish the opportunity to establish both yourself and your organization as industry-leading social caring leaders, effortlessly improving your corporate visibility.


Logo Usage Rights

Credibility of a third-party endorsement for your corporation’s sustainability achievements – strengthen your reputation and gain prominent recognition by proudly displaying the winner’s logo on your marketing materials.


Measure and Benchmark
Against the Best

Winning the Awards is more than recognition; it’s an independent validation of your accomplishments. It offers a means to measure and benchmark your performance against the best in the industry.


Expand Your
Online-to-Offline Publicity and Branding

Amplify your exposure through regional channels and various social media platforms.


Co-create a
World-class Platform

Build connections with prominent business and social leaders from Asia. Leverage SERA’s ideal business matching feature to explore collaborations for sustainable growth.


Advance Your
Knowledge and Vision

Gain conceptual backbone and invaluable insights from world- class social speakers. Envision and implement innovative models, collaborations and deep social cohesion with newfound knowledge and inspiration.



Mr. Brooke Greville
CEO of G-Entertainment

Mr. Nizam Uddin
Representative of The Prince Trust

Prof. Kuo Way JP
President of City University of HK

Past Winners

– Leadership

Past Winners

– Organization

Press Mentions

Frequenty Asked Questions

A non-refundable Assessment Fee of HKD640/USD80 will be charged for each nomination.

For Ceremony details, please contact our representatives by email or whatsapp.

Yes, you may apply more than one category in your application.

One of our representatives will contact you upon submitting an entry on the next steps including assessment and selecting your winner’s package.

If you won the award, we will contact you to confirm if you are attending the physical awards ceremony. If you are unable to make the event, we will ask you to provide us with the contact details of someone who could accept the award on your behalf. All regional awards are posted to the winners, at the address specified on the submission form.

Be the Social Leaders, Share Your Impact

Be the Social Leaders,
Share Your Impact

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