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To encourage & foster knowledge sharing and strengthen business connections, we have created this O2O one-stop innovation platform that includes Seminar, and various events to achieve Environment, Social, and Governance community activities.

Join us now to Get the Growing Trend of ESG Investment , Case Study , ESG Core Subjects Area & Aspect.

ESG Online
Workshop & Course

ESG Workshop:
Guidences on incorporating ESG Management
ESG Course:
preferential access to CESGL® training course with a professional designation



To Indicate your enthusiasm in becoming the role model of the industry and promote the importance of corporate social responsibility with your own impacts.

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  • Social Caring Story Feature
  • Speaker Invitations
  • Multi-Media & Promotion
  • Access to Certified Course
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Certified ESG Leader (CESGL®)
Online Course

ESG Orientation Day

CEO Talk: Sustainable Leadership
Invitation to be our best and brightest speakers


Social Caring

A Pledge to Indicate Your Caring Initiatives

Signing the Pledge allows you and your organization to demonstrate its commitment to Social Caring publicly, and places it at the heart of a global community seeking to build a more sustainable community development.

Participants will be awarded the Signatory logo and E-Certificate for 12 months.

social caring

The Social Caring Pledge (SCP)  Framework 6 principles

We will undertake initiatives to promote environmental protection
We will eliminate the discrimination of employment and occupation
We will eliminate all forms of forced and compulsory labour
We will promote community involvement and development
We will work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery
We will provide quality, health and safety products and/or services to customers

Become a Signatory, is a pledge to indicate your initiative to commit upon the 6 Principles voluntary agreement based on UN Sustainable Development Goals which aims to recognize corporate and individuals that have put the above statements into practice.



In order to accelerate the sustainable development of the ESG Circular, Participants are required to renew the membership for 3 consecutive years and pass the annual assessment while participating in Certified Training course or other community activities that are recognised by us to obtain the opportunity to be formally promoted to the Associate Fellow.

to be promoted to Associate Fellow

to be promoted to  Associate Fellow


ESG circular


Community Offering

Increase your business visibility by making contribution to the community

Free Consultation

30 minute free preliminary consultation with a specialist

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Establish your brand and connect to the right group of audience

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ESG Workshop
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Free access to the high-quality ESG briefing workshop for beginners

Certified ESG Leader
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Special rate to the ultimate CESGL® training course and articulate a clear vision for ESG driven management!

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Hall of ESG is a comprehensive collection of thought leadership with profiles displayed to promote sustainability.

As a Signatory, you will join the community that champions talent and young practitioners in the ESG area, aged 16 to 26. Your support will continue our mission to be a truly Hall of ESG. For everyone. Both on and off platform.

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