Private Guided Tour of K11 “Glow Like That” Art Exhibition

March 30, 2019

K11 Art Foundation invited the fellowships of the Academy to attend the “Private Guided tours” of art exhibitions, and communicated with Luis Barahona, the Lighting Design Director and Technical Manager of Asia Pacific and Middle East, the world’s top professional lighting brand ERCO Lighting Pte. Ltd. The “Glow Like That” exhibition is one of the key exhibitions of the K11 Art Foundation in 2019. It will be held during the Hong Kong Arts Week at the new Hong Kong Art and Design Landmark – the Victoria Dockside. The exhibition showcased art pieces of international artists’ groups, interpreting different types of “glow” and “shining” in artistic practice. The exhibition will bring the globalized world to the audiences by the viewpoint of human senses.

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