Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Programme

July 6 – 13, 2017

In order to encourage leaders from different sector to take environmental protection, which is one of the spirit in the “Social Caring Pledge Scheme”, into account, SERA invited Prof Shuji Nakamura, known as the “Father of Blue LED” to Hong Kong in 2017 to promote “Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Programme” which was co-organized with Future Lightings, Philips Lighting and World Green Organization (WGO). It is a large-scale recycling programme with 14 recycling points.

This programme is a great success, reaching more than 7000 participants, lessening 39092 kilograms of CO2. We encouraged upstream (suppliers) and downstream (wholesalers, retailers), as well as horizontally, in conjunction with social welfare organizations (Cross Road, Guang Ai Center, West Page Outward Bound) and colleges and universities, to deepen the penetration rate of the plan. 

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