Care for the environment

ManpowerGroup takes a practical approach to environmental responsibility in our operations around the world. In Hong Kong, we have established successful practices in daily operations for environmental protection: reducing waste and adopting 4R policies (reduce, reuse, recycle and replace) for materials. In every office, single-sided paper will is recycled for re-use. In electric devices, we use products with approved ‘Energy Labels’ to reduce energy waste. Even at our annual celebration banquet, shark fin-free or sustainable seafood menus mandatory. To reduce carbon emissions, most of our computing equipment contains ‘Energy Star’ labels.

Care for our employees, as well as their families

We recognize employees as an important asset. Keeping employees inspired and healthy is our top priority. We create a culture of wellness and help our colleagues achieve a healthy work-life balance. As such, we offer paid leave in addition to that specified in the Employment Ordinance, including “Birthday Leave” and “Pro Family Leave” which allows employees to focus on home matters, spend more time with their family and build a happier familial environment, be it attendance of their child’s first day of school, sports day, or for quality time with their family.

Moreover, to create a workplace that enables all employees to stay healthy, fruit is distributed regularly to all employees.

Education to put job-seekers on the path to employability

As part of ManpowerGroup Workforce Employability Initiative, we have partnered with multiple organizations to educate jobseekers on the skills and capabilities needed by employers now and into the future. From year-to-year, we participate in résumé consultation and other educational programs and events with nonprofit and private groups such as high schools, colleges, universities and the like in Hong Kong. All told, such initiatives connect thousands of job seekers to the path of career opportunity.

Since 2009, we have cooperated with Junior Achievement, one of the largest global NGOs to help hundreds of students equip themselves to enroll in the ‘Solar Project,’ organised by local media group, RTHK. Our staff uses their expertise to unleash teen potential by being volunteers and mentors in sharing work-readiness skills to students, with a view to building the confidence needed to face challenge and transform their future.

Manpower Services (Hong Kong) Limited has also been named ‘Caring Company’ for the past 10 years running. Manpower is committed to engaging staff and partners in building a social responsible work environment.