Social Enterprise Research Academy has been dedicated to develop and promote the “Social Caring Pledge Scheme”, which is composed of “Social Caring Pledge” and “Social Caring Awards”. This year, “Global Anti-Covid19 Social Caring Award” is specially set up to encourage and honour the Anti-Covid 19 actions taken by the social caring leaders and corporates.

Awardees are invited to attend the Award Presentation Ceremony held at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). Certificate and Award Logo will be presented to the champs. Details to be announced soon.

  • To appreciate the Anti-Covid19 contributions of individuals or enterprises
  • To promote social awareness among corporates and individuals, and to practice out social responsibility
  • To share positive energy during this hard time

Leadership Call-To-Action

Mr. Gustavo Berlanga

Honorary Chairman of SERA

Former President of UN Global Compact (Mexico)

 Mr. Luigi Cabrini

Honorary Fellow of SERA

Chairman of Global Sustainable Tourism Council

Dr. Ko Wing Man GBS,JP

Honorary Chancellor of SERA

Former Secretary for Food & Health HKSAR

Our Guests of Honor

Our Social Caring Companies

Our Social Caring Leaders

Participation Qualification

Must be registered in Asia

No criminal record in the past 3 years

Companies must send representatives to attend the award presentation ceremony

Selection Procedures


1st Stage

  • Nominated by well-known professionals
  • Nominated by the organizer directly
  • Self application
Documents to be submited:
  • Personal profile (around 500 words, in Chinese or English)
  • Image document: 1 digital coloured personal I.D. photo (Pixel requirement: 300dpi or above)
  • Video document: Personal / Corporate profile (if any)

2nd Stage

Review & Interview
  • Qualification review
  • Confirmation letter will be issued after the final review of Judging Panel

3rd Stage

Award Presentation
  • Attend the Ceremony
  • Formally become the awardees of Anti-Covid19 Social Caring Award



Certificate and Endorsement

medal (1)

Free License to use Social Caring Award logo for 1 year


Recognition from Guest of Honour


Announcement and Event Recap on Newspaper and Magazine


Promotion on Social Media Platform

group (1)

Networking Opportunities with SERA Worldwide Connections, Committees and SERA Circle


Media Coverage

Judging Criteria

Utilize expertise and experience to play a key role in promoting the importance of humanity & care.

Judging Scope: Employee Care, Application of Socially Responsible Management System, Team Training

Utilize personal / corporate influence to practice and promote social & industry development.

Judging Scope:  Patent, Innovation

Enthusiastically participate in anti-covid19 works, effectively create shared value, and practice corporate social responsibility.

Judging Scope: Voluntary Work, Environmental Protection, Community participation, Service Quality

Has a positive influence on society during anti-covid19 works, and its achievements have been recognized by professionals or the public.

Judging Scope: Award, External Recommendation, Media Reportings

Judging Panel

Consists of local professionals and representatives of SERA Committee. The judges are regulated by strict internal policies and the judging process is confidential.

Terms & Conditions

  • All nomination processes are conducted anonymously, and the selection process is confidential.
  • Application fee for “Anti-Covid 19 Social Caring Award” is waived, while selected candidates must share the admin cost after passing the final review of judges. Details please contact the Secretariat of SERA.
  • SERA reserves all final rights of decision. Once the selected candidate accepts the nomination, he/she agrees to abide by the relevant rules and policies set by SERA.
  • SERA reserves the right to modify the relevant rules at its absolute discretion. All information submitted by the applicant must be accurate. If there are any false info, SERA has the right to withdraw or revoke any confirmed / issued award.
  • The "Social Caring Awards" logos are owned by the Social Enterprise Research Academy. Please read the logo usage guidelines for details:

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