About Project M.I.

The issue of sustainable development of social enterprises has received more attention in enterprises. However, the concept of creating shared value for society and accumulating social capital to achieve sustainable development still needs to be deepened and practiced. In view of this, the Social Enterprise Research Academy organized a project named as Project M.I. with the “M” standing for Mentorship and “I” standing for Internship.

Project M.I. aims at providing a platform for students to interact with high-level corporate leaders. They will share their successful experience and students can get a glimpse of working life. Training for both students and corporations will be provided. Closing Ceremony will be held at the end of the mentorship and internship program. Selected cases will be included in the“Who’s Who @ Sustainability” publication by SERA.

Targets for Corporations

Entrepreneurs and management teams

Requirements for corporations :
  • A corporation practicing corporate social responsibility
  • A corporation willing to hire fresh graduates
  • With entrepreneurs or management teams who are willing to share with students
Enrollment standard:
  • With goals on corporate social responsibility
  • Willing to take initiatives to improve the social issues
  • Improve work and life of the employees
  • Promote sustainable economic, social and environmental development
  • Operate in an ethical manner
  • Give back to society
  • With achievements in corporate social responsibility

Targets for Student:

Hong Kong secondary school students, students from higher education institutes

- Open recruitment -

  • Participants are required to submit an application form, resume and a short essay on personal career expectations
  • Participants are required to attend an interview to train their ability in finding jobs.
  • Student elites are selected to participate in the project


  • Students will be arranged to meet with their mentors regularly in person or in groups.
  • The project lasts for 3 months
  • The basic requirement of meeting would be at least once per month.


  • Students will be arranged to partner enterprises for internships .
  • The duration of the internship would be between 3 days to 2 weeks (the starting time of the internship depends on the schedule of both parties)
  • The first batch of internships will begin in the winter of 2019.

- Benefits of Participation -

To help companies find talents
To enhance the image of the company
Students can ask their mentors about work and life experiences
Conducive for students to build their social network
To help students to understand more about the industries and the sustainable development in companies

The flow of Project M.I.

Recruitment and Screening:
  • July to September: Corporate Recruitment
  • September to early October: Student Recruitment and Screening
Corporate - Students Matching and Training:
  • Early October: Corporate - Student Matching and Admission
  • Late October to Early November: Corporate Training (Managing Millennial) and Briefing
  • Late October to Early November: Student Training (Work attitude, Communication, Report Writing and Interviewing Skills) and Briefing
The beginning of mentorship and internship programs﹕
  • November: Mentorship starts
  • December to January: Internship starts
  • The length of time depends on the wishes of the company
  • Interns have to write a report about their experiences and thoughts
Submission of the report :
  • Late January: End of Mentorship and Internship; Submission of Students’ reports
  • Some students' reports would be included in : Who’s Who @ Sustainability
Closing ceremony﹕
  • May: Closing Ceremony
  • Students and leaders would be attending the ceremony and share their experiences
Publishing of the Who’s Who @ Sustainability﹕
  • Cases and basic information of corporations would be collected
  • Part of the students reports would be included in the book

- Promotion for Recruitment -

Promotion in universities
(through posters/edm)
  • Schools of Business
  • Academic and Career Guidance Office
  • Related students associations
Website promotion
  • Promotion in our website or other related websites
Social media
(Pushing ads on mainstream social media)
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

- Supporting Organizations -