Fellowship Qualification
Assessment Scheme

Through conferring the honorary titles of SERA Fellowship based on a series of stringent assessments, we acknowledge influential leaders who made outstanding environmental, social and economic contributions to the society. Moreover, we encourage C-level of corporates to promote corporate social responsibility and the spirit of sustainability via enhancing the social awareness of cross-disciplinary professionals, so as to advocate the professionalism and loyalty of Asia and enhance our global competitiveness.


  • Converge cross-sector leaders to promote the importance of corporate social responsibility
  • Cultivate young leaders and inherit social caring spirit through course training and promotion
  • Broaden the international perspective of the corporate leaders, and encourage contributions to the society

Responsibilities of Fellows

  • Promote "Social Caring Pledge Scheme" actively
  • Comply with the guideline of proper display of gown, honorary title and photos
  • Assessment of fellowship qualification and update of personal information annually
  • Promote the development of SERA and give opinion actively
  • Actively participate in SERA's activities and schemes, and to promote the spirit of corporate social responsibility
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Rights of Fellow


Name card with a specific honorary title displayed on it


Share successful business experience at SERA's event and exchange ideas with industry leaders


Represent SERA to participate in public events


Priority to participate in SERA activities, including summits, training courses, regular gatherings, volunteer activities, etc.

sera pin

SERA Pin of Honor


Invited to join different committees and to assist in organizing the activities of SERA

Our Guests of Honor

Our Fellows

Inspirations from SERA Fellow

Hon.Fellow - Luigi Carbrini

Luigi Cabrini mentions the benefits that tourism brings to all countries.

Hon.Fellow - John Montague

John Montague stresses that Corporate Social Responsibility should be the core of all enterprises.

Fellow - Nurfarini Daing

Nurfarini Daing believes that enterprises should focus more on community investment and contribute to the society.

Fellow - Romy Cahyadi

Romy Cahyadi believes that the Fellowship Qualification Assessment Scheme is a good platform for industry leaders to work together to improve the society.

Hon.Fellow - Prof. Chang Mau Chung

Prof. Chang Mau Chong hopes that enterprises can cooperate with the University and provide resources for each other in order to achieve sustainable development.

Senior Fellow - Marita Leung

Marita Leung encourages teenagers to persistence, and hoped to equip them with problem-solving skills through education.

Be the Fellow, Be the Change

Be the Fellow,
Be the Change