“Tomorrow is Now” Ep.1: Revealing Seafaring Industry – Great Job that No One Knows?

As a city surrounded by the sea, why is the development of seafaring industry in Hong Kong so difficult?

Why is the number of captains trained by the sea school not enough to respond to market demand despite the high salary?

This time “Tomorrow is Now” will reveal the secrets of Hong Kong’s seafaring industry and tell you all about the traditional industries of Hong Kong.

Produced by the Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA), we sincerely invited leaders of Hong Kong’s 6 traditional industries to join our Social Sustainability Project: “Tomorrow is Now”. The leaders have discussed with us the potential difficulties in different industries and their solutions, explore the new potential of each industry, and jointly promote the sustainable development of society.

This episode of “Hong Kong. “Now” we invited Dr. Lau Yun Cheung, SERA Honorary Vice Chancellor and Managing Director of New World First Ferry Services Ltd., Mr. Chan To-Pui, Acting Principal of Hong Kong Sea School, and Mr. Joseph Li, Administrative Director of Hong Kong Sea School, to discuss to one of the hosts of “Tomorrow is Now”, SERA Executive Chancellor, Professor Frank Fu, BBS, MH, JP, about the difficulties encountered in the seafaring industry, the innovative methods that they used to deal with the difficulties, and their hope for future development.

Watch “Tomorrow is Now” Ep.1 now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnHj2dPpOnA

From left to right: Prof. Frank Fu, Ms. Bonnie Liao, Mr. Chan To-Pui, Mr. Joseph Li, Dr. Lau Yun Cheung

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